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fun with webstats

I don't check webstats for erif.org too often unless I've just released a game or something. But I was signing into google analytics to check on Court of Opinion, and notice a strange spike in traffic back on August 11th.

Diving deeper, I found that the majority of visits that day (83%) were from google. And 75% of that traffic came from the following keywords: bay bridge wreck, wreck on bay bridge, baybridgewreck, and wreck on the bay bridge.

Wrong bay bridge, though, apparently (Chesapeake versus San Francisco).

My motorcycle accident from a few many years ago was getting top billing.

Odd when you get your news from your _webstats_. I'm used to not getting it from primary sources, but I usually get it from friends. I suppose this wasn't related to anyone I knew, though (or I missed it).