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Connecting things

Also, I have a goodreads author account, now, thanks to Rigor Amortis (and other sorts of procrastination) and such. Which this LJ now syndicates to (hello goodreads people). I really don't touch myspace these days excepting for the odd bit of promotion via TweetDeck, but here's a few of the places I hang out or, well, yeah:

LiveJournal ~ kaolinfire
Twitter ~ kaolinfire
Twitter twitfic ~ q8p
Facebook ~ kaolinfire
Myspace ~ kaolinfire
Goodreads ~ kaolin

(notice a pattern here? ;) Ah, the days when I used to go by firefox, cognosco, ehrooditio, nentwined, blood doll, niloak, quasirandom, .... hmm. I'm forgetting some of my earlier BBS handles. That's a little sad. I'm sure I've made a post about them at some point, so maybe I can find them :) ) AHA! Found them: names I've been.

And not a hangout, per se, but my personal site, where the "names I've been" hangs ~ erif.org
2016, fenris + phoenix


Do you read it? Write it? Even know what it is? ;) twitfic aka twiction aka twisters aka #vss (very short stories) aka, erm... well... I lose track. ;)

Hmm. So twitter-sized fiction is one of the things that hooked me about twitter, back when I was doing my best not to use it. There are a handful of paying markets--of course they don't pay _handsomely_, but consider you're putting together a story that might be 20 words long.

Well, if you're twitfic-curious at all, I started a forum. And we won't talk about the hells I went through snapping that domain up. ;)

I've been keeping track of my twitter-pubs in a separate sidebar on my website. My latest went up on Tweet the Meat today. $1 richer, hey ;)

Right. So. If you're curious. Market info, discussions, and workshopping. :)
2016, fenris + phoenix

some publications and some poetry

My day? It's been. :)

southernweirdo pointed out that my poem "The Undefeatable Enemy from Mars" went up on Every Day Weirdness (er, a few days ago now).

I also had a spate of poems accepted over at, "The Legendary" ~ April 24, 2009. New Moon. Issue 4—through the eye / vile public secrets / ballerina in the cell / time and clocks (are the poem titles, not a very disjoint poem ;) )

and now for some haiku:

sleep disdains entrance
blossoming consciousness is
sifting sand for gems

spice opens the mind
heightens the mental palette
worms? no--Mexican

inbox to outbox
thoughts flow with alacrity
the slush monster burps

tomorrow will come
and new possibilities
dead rise with the sun

the cause is worthy
rally to me--channel anger
it helps me forget

new digital affliction
so many accounts!

projects come and go
coffee rings on porcelain
time's marks before me

I fail at today
create lists to accomplish
dreams of tomorrow

Oh! Oh, and--wrote a really crappy haiku, posted it to twitter with a comment about not quite liking it, got a reply of a much better version--that was nifty. :) Is it possible to link to specific tweets? I think maybe not. AHA! I have added the response to my twitter favorites. Much better than my version (which I actually deleted within seconds of posting). Meh: that last link is fail, for me--so if it pulls up not one thing but many, click on "favorites" off in the sidebar

ALSO (for a different touch of emphasis), I've been toying around with twitter-sized fiction. 140 characters or less is TOUGH, but there's a growing number of markets for it ~ for a partial list.
gud magazine

out of order

Get a piece of GUD Issue 4 free -- http://tr.im/jYM4 -- or get the whole thing -- http://tr.im/jYM8 (please RT)

Er, wait, this isn't twitter? I saw a flash of "Date: out of order" just before the webpage sorted itself out, and I thought that was particularly fitting for where I am just now. Where? Dunno. I should go to sleep soon for there are things I must do in The Early Morning.

But somewhat seriously, I'd love it if I could get a thousand more people signed up on GUD reading their freebies (and even better, posting about the freebie they read as part of some promotional contest thinger...). So if you could, umm, re... tweet... journal... that bit up at the top, it would be much appreciated. ;)

Any thoughts on where/how I could best promote GUD Issue 4? I'd also like to help out a few folks/places like Jin Wicked and Small Beer Press, and a friend doing character sketches, so I'm half thinking a contest of some sort with prizes from them or something.

Oh, and if you do reviews and consider PDFs--hit me up, ummkay? :)

Also also looking into starting some sort of cross-promotion ring re: small press mags.

No, still not handling life well yet--I'm just going to wrap this up instead of running in loops trying to see what I should edit out or in. Blargh. Sorry. :(

More haikus later. Oh. Here's an emo one. ;)

curl into myself
I make an echo chamber
of my lake of tears