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2016, fenris + phoenix

Dare I mention?

There's a new thought up today (and I've got three in the queue, at the moment. I've been doing two a week for three weeks, now?). This week's thought was done in response to last week's Illustration Friday (topic: monster) and a call for art in markets -- where it was accepted and so will be appearing in a chocoholic zine titled, subtly enough, Chocholic! (issue 3).

I'm feeling good about this week's stripfight, too (which you can see ahead of schedule early tomorrow).

Of course, if you go poking through my lj galleries, you can see all of the thought comics at once, but I'd really rather you went and lent your hits to thoughts dot comicgenesis dot com and fed my ego a little bit. And added thoughts_comic to your friendlist for reminders, of course. Of course.

Bidding on poser 6 on ebay. Like a moron, I keep upping my bid when I'm outbid. Maybe it's best I've never gone to Vegas (Ah, blow it all. That's what you're there for!) I'm at my really and truly final bid though. 2 days, 21 hours to go, and I've bid higher than another one that's only got 1 day, 1 hour to go. How sad is that?

Went to a party last night--my brother-in-law's band, Mjolner's Fall, played. Ed (Amy's brother) led guitar (oh yeah), Trevor aka Insane on drums, and, er, rhythm guitarist. I videotaped. Probably not the worst job of it I could have done, but, well, better next time, or something. They'll find someone better, I'll be better, it'll be more professional equipment, or some combination thereof. The bands leading up were just ... muddy and uninteresting. It was sort of foreboding, but Mjolner's Fall really rocked it. I was enthused, and if I hadn't been holding the camera I would have seen about getting into the pit that kept trying to form (at one point the pit got pretty nice). I was worried, beforehand, that I'd embarass myself bouncing around out of breath and infinitely weak compared to a bunch of highschool students... but whatever.

On that note--I did yoga twice last week, which is an incalculable improvement (or infinite--depending on your mood?) over the previous many, many weeks. I hope to keep the trend--I think I've found a gimmick that works for me (after lunch, since I'm already taking a break), but it all depends on how work works out, probably.
2016, fenris + phoenix

Never knowing what to say

I suggested a medium-sized lunchbreak meetup with pomopologine (had to verify that's how it's spelled, and he's been on my friendslist since... where the hell did he come from, anyway? dissolvedego, I think? Survey says March 2004.) Just because it would be weird, basically. I haven't been taking lunch breaks of any sort (chowing down on TJ's salads while zoning out doesn't count), so I'm a bit out of touch with those things. What a medium-sized break would be. But it sounded good.

I've been noticing opportunities for guest strips EVERYWHERE this week. It's odd. I want to do them. They're like "extra credit". Or something. I mean, SPAMUSEMENT has a forum for guest strips. A FORUM. Why am I shouting?

I really wish I could work some sort of exercise into my daily "necessary". I've been doing push-ups every few nights. And more lately, trying jumping jacks, too. This is when I'm deliriously tired, natch.

Huh. Maybe I should turn this into some sort of actual entry, at this rate. ((yes, folks, this is a slightly edited transplant))

And for the sheer wtf sake--ask me a question, and I might insert it into my next journal entry.