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fickle fickle mind

It's funny. shamster asked me, just now, what I was up to. Well, not exactly. Not those words and not necessarily even the intent. To quote, "whattup biznatch!"

To which my reply was "Nothing". Okay. Not exactly. But that was actually the intent of the words run together, "notsure".

and then a minute passed and I posted this link that I'd spent several hours working on actively, and many days if not weeks passively: http://www.tentacle.net/wiki/ChaosAndTheBrain

and a moment passed, and "hmm. and I've written a considerable bit more of my story, if you're interested" came out. And then, "trying to get it together to work more on the above link(s), and another story that is due to be submitted somewhere tonight.

and then I had to mention those fonts I made.

Why does it feel like I never accomplish anything? No, why does it feel like I never *do* anything? Probably because I feel like I never accomplish anything. Which is partially due to a lack of deadlines, a lack of accountability, a lack of... anything ever truly being "done".

And supposedly I (maybe?) finished the work necessary for http://zspace.org; I have to wait for a second set of eyeballs on the new functionality, and then it needs to be pushed. But hey, I did that today too. :)

And I managed to write a livejournal entry that isn't just me whining about stuff. I mean, the core of it is me whining (or gloating? why is it sometimes hard to tell which?), but... I'm being interesting, at least to myself. And I hope to others. La.

La la la.

And if not interesting, or at least somewhat amusing, I apologize for the waste of friendspage space. I'm just not in the mood for an lj-cut..


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Apr. 25th, 2003 02:01 am (UTC)
googling is always the way to go! no shame!
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