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my todo list

I'm sure this is missing some scraps of paper here and there that should have been added, but... it's a good start. so I thought I'd post it. because.

record fonts!!!
change name
triumph: new tail-light
triumph: lube
wisdom teeth :/
groovy tetris redo?
groovy tempest?
movietosee: equilibrium
thingiwant: cell-enabled palm?
thingiwant: cd/mp3 player?
thingiwant: good headphones
thingiwant: better speakers for tv
read: f&sf issue
read: UML book
read: refactoring book
read: sql for smarties
read: sql puzzles (?)
read+return: linked
read+return: the atrocity exhibition
gradebook: "drop smallest homework grade"
gradebook: "replace exam with final exam (if it's in their favor)"
gradebook: transactions (ch. 10 p.295, saveToken(request), bool valid=isTokenValid(request), if (valid) resetToken(request) else -> error
gradebook: assignment creation doesn't go to class as proper?
gradebook: date conversion not automatic?
electronics: robot: read
electronics: robot: design
electronics: robot: buy parts
electronics: robot: redesign
electronics: robot: build
electronics: eeg
electronics: burningman?
imaginaries: rewrite
imaginaries: look-n-feel
draw comics!
todo list? ;)
rogue/nethack/mario/3d game with tjernobyl?
fractroam: normalize option
fractroam: commandline resolutions
school: read more for project; take notes??
globealive: work on jabber-as-client end
globealive: work on jabber-as-server end
globealive: redo tablespace to not get as gnarly
globealive: "expert" corner
globealive: chat/offlinechat moderation
globealive: fix "multiple keywords" for an expert (where is that coming from?)
globealive: keywords "weirdly cased"
globealive: search chats? make chats private?
globealive: tipping?
globealive: comments RSS?
globealive: autogenerated categories/subcategories
globealive: subjects for postings?
globealive: voting booth?
globealive: all "http://" addresses are hyperlinked and open in a new window?
globealive: (profile) # of times they have posted a message/suggestion?
globealive: "staff" icon?
globealive: "points" icons
globealive: bring up something helpful when a chat doesn't connect?
globealive: integrate rating into chat window? or into the applet?
globealive: pw resets should verify via link sent in email
livejournal: make livejournal encapsulated style (for erif)
livejournal: make a separate friends list for just my low-traffic friends?
bushputing: messageboard?
rockmage: gallery system
rockmage: admin?
poemranker: what you've voted on? sort by date or rating or poemrating?
poemranker: redo poetrytype info?
poemranker: links page?
poemranker: save user+poem avg, count, other generated info?
poemranker: recent poems RSS?
poemranker: comments RSS?
poemranker: sestina?
poemranker: pimple poem?
poemranker: rewrite/reorganize?
organize papers
respond to livejournal
respond to email
clean email???
look at amy's career fair thing
zspace: get dev web.xml working with db/jndi
zspace: get dev web.xml working with servlet init
zspace: get dev web.xml working with poolman
zspace: get calendar the way they want it
zspace: push/pull mechanisms
nfg: add field "country of origin" to submissions for Shar to fill in
nfg: require real name, address, email to be filled out
nfg: add fields "print/pen name"
nfg: subscribe to "reader", "writer", or "artist" spam lists?
nfg: challenge status on submissions... 'current subs' and 'old subs'
nfg: word counts?
nfg: note 32458 words for the whole magazine -- Issue 1
nfg: staff mail searchable
nfg: make other months accessible.
nfg: comments ?


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Apr. 21st, 2003 12:44 pm (UTC)
I must agree with the rating integration thing on GA-- it's not immediately intuitive for a beginning user.

Blank Verse Blog Week!"> =)
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