quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

volunteering at the ccmp?

CCMP saga continues... sort of...

I'd gotten a call a few nights ago that they had a new computer donated and wondering if I could look at it, see what could be salvaged, etc...

I didn't have time then, didn't answer the phone, and figured I'd get to it later. Today, being in the mood to have time for such, I started trying to remember what the folks' names were that would know what I was supposed to be looking at so that I could call and ask if they were there.

I did a websearch because, well, I'm just not a people person. I couldn't remember their names because I really didn't ... well... I just didn't, I suppose.

One of the first things I came across, rather out of place, was:


linking CCMP to the CCBPP as "a front organization for the National Labor Federation":

NATLFED was "[h]ot news after its NYC headquarters was raided by police in November 1996, NATLFED actually has been active for 27 years in dozens of small fronts across the country. NATLFED fronts, using innocent names like "Western Service Workers Association," "Eastern Farm Workers Association," "Coalition of Concerned Medical Professionals," and "Women's Press Collective," lure liberal volunteers from communities and colleges into brainwashed separation from their families, jobs, and friends."

and well, first impression is that it's all relatively absurd... but the more I read, the more absurd it gets, and really starts seeming almost plausible.

"group propaganda suggests that the real aim of [CPUSA/P] recruiting efforts is to attract followers for the eventual overthrow of the U.S. government"

more info:


Does anybody know anything about anything about anything like this? :)

This could be one of three things, so far as I see it. NATLFED could be as crazy as claimed, and CCMP is connected... or NATLFED is as crazy as claimed and CCMP isn't really connected... or NATLFED is more normal (possibly with rogue organizations or something)... and then CCMP's connection doesn't really matter.

Yes, it could be a lot more complicated than all that, too. This is just... weird.

Another question that comes to mind is... does it really matter? So long as I don't walk into the brainwashing den (and I can't see as they'd want me with my attitude...), they do actually help people... or at least, nothing I've seen says otherwise. At the most extreme, they want to overthrow the government, brainwash you, and ... help folks in need. At best, they just want to help folks in need.

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