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sweating all over the place

Well, I picked up a skateboard a couple of days ago from a bum for $5. I've always wanted to learn to skate... never got around to it. Now I'm 23 and not in the ideal shape to skate, but... better now than never.

Today was my fourth time on a skateboard. I suppose I'll have to stop counting soon. Maybe if I get halfway decent.

I skated up to Ratshack and back... was about half an hour each way (little more on the way there and a little less on the way back -- slight grade). I hope I get decent enough to keep it up before I fix my motorcycle, or I likely will drop it. La la la.

Got a gatorade on the way up, drank it every time I started getting a ringing in my ears or significant shallowness of breath. Gotta love being in shape. ;) Finished it off just before I made it to my place, so I suppose it worked out. Still trying to cool off. Breeze through the bedroom is helping. =)

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