quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random


So I want to make my jabber server talk to my web application. I hear tell it's bad to make server programs talk to eachother through the database (some grumbling and huffing and puffing about locking yourself into a ... something. something. my antipatterns book said so?). But the folks who wrote the antipatterns book also are corba guru's and have written books about corba and love it to death, so I'm inclined to not entirely trust them.

another option would be (communication only really needs to go from the jabber server to the web application, and not vice versa) to communicate through http.

another option would be to communicate in an entirely proprietary method through some other, as of yet unspecified port.

anyone know anything, or know anyone that knows anything, related to this? I need to do more reading. But I should finish my antipatterns book first, and then start making it through the UML reference guide, and THEN... then I can skip my uber-sql books and work on reading about CORBA, I suppose... but I should be working on stuff before that, because that could well be a month from now. :/

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