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put my name on a petition-like thing as "possible volunteer" last week. medical advocacy. I'm going in tomorrow to do some data entry, sounds like. Should be... fun. I told them I was willing to do hosting or list service, but I think that was above the person who called me. They wanted folks to do calling. I told them I wasn't a people person.

Don't know what I think of it. The person who called me seems to be one of the "two people in charge of it all". A bit of a zealot. "people have the right to preemptive health care". Well, no, no they don't. Especially not in this country. While I'm actually somewhat a fan of socialism (or at least of the idea of putting a limiting curve on the "top" and "bottom" of society), ... eh. [I could go on about that for a while and I don't know how much sense I'd make.] I don't like it when people think they "deserve" stuff. It really irks me.

Why am I volunteering? Karma? The hope it will get me a job? A desire for more appreciation? Getting my name in their newsletter? Seriously, I don't get it. It definitely wasn't her marketing skills. I guess... maybe it was that I thought they needed a helping hand, and it won't hurt me (shouldn't hurt me, at least) to do what I can (without hurting myself).

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