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I'm for some reason oddly disconnected from livejournal goings-on, still. No offense to anyone, I'm reading posts and whatnot, but for the most part they just don't seem... real? or more, my reading of them doesn't seem real. I wonder if this is a byproduct of trying to ignore the fact that lots of nasty shit is going on in Iraq; that really doesn't seem to be affecting me in any way, which... really, there's no reason for it to, safe in my little suburban apartment complex. But I feel that it should. But the feeling that it should has been numbed out. And nothing is real. (Strawberry fields forever...) That's a particularly grisly image in this context.

I spent many hours (two days, really) working on a commissioned piece of code that now needs to wait on the client getting a better webhosting service... but maybe it's done other than a minor conversion from postgresql to mysql. (I've already noted the points of conversion; hopefully I've guessed/estimated correctly).

I then went and took this calendaring code and put it on http://amyandkaolin.net :) And in a further fit of procrastination I made amyandkaolin for stahrreenite and I to post in... for now, about wedding stuff, but I expect it could continue to be a "shared" journal for things indefinitely. You know, however long this journaling fetish goes on. ;)

And I ... I'm going to move globealive onto a jabber server, most likely, so my inability to code a properly robust chat server/client system will fade away into the unimportant background. And I'm procrastinating (fear?) on a "homework assignment" for a job interview on wednesday. meep. It looks very simple; it's something I've written before. I need to refresh myself on proper javadoc formalities to make it look all spiffy. It's not complex code. They just want to see (I presume) my coding style, and make sure I'm not a complete moron. [implement a ConnectionPool]

Saw Chicago last night. It was very pretty.

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