quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

state of the kaolin

I've been watching a certain tire around my waist slowly bulge further and further the last year or so. Started doing a 45 minute kickboxing/workout video about a week ago. Will see if that does any good for anything at all.

globealive, nfg, poemranker... are all slowing down a bit. losing interest. sick of them. did some major work on globealive a week or so ago, and it seems to have made at least the CEO happier. Maybe that means he'll be more active about finding funding. maybe not.

amy's gradebook site lies untouched/unused as I wait for her to tell me precisely what she wants done next. It was a learning experience, at least.

I haven't touched imaginaries in a while, either, beyond mundane maintenance
that it requires.

Also haven't done anything for rockmage. Maybe it's getting to be time.

Also haven't done anything for whassisface... the geology stuff. Maybe time for that as well.

I want to paint. I think I'm going to paint. It's been a very long time since I painted. I'm sure that I won't be satisfied with whatever I do, but at least it will be (done). I'm much better at throwing out or giving up on paintings than I am other things.

My writing hasn't been going so well, but it hasn't stopped. Still working on the same piece, though now I'm reworking large chunks to make it more consistent with the story that I decided to make it as I neared writing its end. So far, the one bit of feedback I've gotten on the first rewritten bit is that I've made things much more confusing. lovely, that. typical. I can't rewrite for shit.

Hmm. lost track of my list of things. working on making an online to-do list site with a friend (yet another project). hoping to get him to do a lot if not most of the work. hoping.

I got a bike for free at someone's garage... giveaway. The tires are flat and its a fair bit rusted "on the outside". Everything spins/moves just fine (I haven't tested the gearing, yet), but I need to find a "sport" pump to test the tires. I expect they've got holes or leaks or something.

thassaboutit, I think.


I don't think I'm going to paint. I think I'm going to sit here and try to ... dunno.

la la la. :)

it's one of those weeks.

still looking for a job.

I had an interview last week. I was supposed to hear back from them regardless. I'm starting to doubt that's going to happen.

and so I sit.

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