quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

the usual

actually, first: some useful information about "top"

Active memory (pages that were accessed in some recent interval)

Inactive memory (pages allocated, but not accessed in some recent interval. These are good candidates for writing to swap if memory starts to get tight)

Wired down (I think these are pages which cannot be swapped out because they are involved in some form of I/O activity -- there may be other reasons, or I may be wrong on this one).

Free (not allocated to something).

The above was "borrowed" from a post somewhere found via google search search search.

currently --

Mem: 458M Active, 616M Inact, 107M Wired, 59M Cache, 137M Buf, 12M Free

fuckin' ell.

this is after I tossed in another 512 megs yesterday. Okay, I think I can blame most of the inactive memory on poemranker. not certain of that, but I think. Think think think. Fucking CoreCache brainless fucking idea. And GlobeAlive is using that, too. Yeargh. Globealive is slower that poemranker. I was thinking I had perfected the system, give or take, but I think I only streamlined it to focus on its weakest points. I've got 1.25 gig in there. I think I can put it up to 1.5, and it might be worth it to, but... eurgh.

struts/hibernate (not sure which) seems overly slow to initialize. frustrating that is. I'm leaning towards it being struts. it takes its sweet ass time recompiling each page, even with jikes... which means building the page is the slowdown. I think.

I wish I knew what the fuck I was doing. System seems performant (didja know that modern-day buzzword is stolen from the french? s'why it seems so out of place).

First interview in 8 months yesterday. Phone. I don't think it went well, but they're supposed to call me back in about a week to let me know whether they went to do an in-person round. :/ The only reason I got that interview is because Paul knows the founder and recommended me to it, so far as I can tell. I owe him drinks or something for that.

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