quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

overheard on icq...

15:42:21 nentwined] :shudders: I still haven't done anything. well, no -- I had lunch. this is sad. what does it take for me to WORK?

15:43:01 ben] motivation, coffee, lack of sleep and maybe some sugar.

:sigh: I am this predictable.

in other news...

I'm STILL working on that story I started writing back in... mid december. eugh. I've never before finished a story that took longer than one sitting to write. This is killing me. I've been getting 3-5 hundred words a week, lately.

it just broke 9000 words :) 9350. 10,000 will be hard to not break. I could almost see it going to 15,000. I'm... I'm almost sick of it growing. *pouts* I want it to BE WRITTEN already. :/

What I'm writing now means the beginning is really going to have to be revamped. It's killing me. It's so poorly written. :( :( :(

and in still other news

The love of my life is amtrak'ing home for two days, so maybe I'll get some work done (see how this entry started). right.

I ... think I'm going to brew some coffee.

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