quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random


Okay. If you can believe it, I'm still working on that gradebook for amy. It's.... really obscene that I'm still working on it.

In related news (kinda), I finally added some personal bio of my own to amyandkaolin.net and helped rewrite amy's bit to make it more personable.

Chaos theory (at SF State) continues to be uninspiring, but I'm entirely expectant of the eventual "so that's why I came" feeling. We just need to move past terminology and get to the "this is how things relate to each other, and this is how things relate to the real world, and this is how things relate to other bits of math". Because that will be really cool. [maybe I should read ahead in the book more? yes, of course I should. Will I? I'd like to. But not as much as I'd like to have this gradebook monkey of mine off my back. And globealive dealy needs some attention, and I spent time *patching* bits and pieces of NFG back together after moving things around, and then doing bits of refactoring... and it's a tuesday, the day I give myself for... tuesdays.... writing... I need to go off and be about that soon, for at least a little while. really.]


oh, and tyrsalvia directed me towards weddingplans, which I'm watching with some trepidation. (trepanation?) :fwibble:

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