quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

a VERY small rock

maybe I'll float? I'm kinda floating... la.

it's the little things, today.

progress on amy's gradebook project NOT going according to plan. two days to go, essentially no code written. still reading "Struts in Action". I should have tried harder to find this book three weeks ago.

Asked for a rewrite on an article submitted to NFG that turned out to be a joke. There goes a chunk of street cred, maybe. I feel like a moron.

need to do. things. want to do. nothing.

wanttocrawlintoalittleholeandmakeeverythinggoaway. and then maybe I could peer out and start a new project, something small and simple and not suck-worthy. maybe.

I think not having a job is really beginning to get to me. or really, now that I'm actively TRYING to get one, it's really starting to hit home.

update, some 8 hours later...

looking for jobs on monster.com is like CRACK. All you have to do is hit "apply now" -- lacking a cover letter kinda sucks, but hey, it's EASY. I just applied to *thirty* jobs. that brings my average up this month to ... two a day! So far, two automated "we got your application and might not get back to you but we'll hold it for 6 months" and one "this person is on vacation".

:laughs: CRACK, I tell you!

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