quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

feeling muy geeky. :)

went out and found a trialware X client because I was thinking it would be really nice to develop on freebsd again.

so now I just about have my screen exactly as it was before, albeit a bit uglier. four xterms (instead of ssh tunnels) on the left (one for mail), along the bottom I have X-Chat instead of mIRC and another xterm for mICQ, and... I'm compiling mozilla to fill the top-right mass of space. mozilla's taking forever to compile -- it's an old and malconfigured system (hosting all my sites....).

:WHEE: =)

yeah. got less done than I'd planned to by staying up all night, though at 7am I still have a few hours before I would have otherwise gotten up. Then again, I had a *beautiful* conversation with oonh about fractals and group theory. (I was mostly on the receiving end... very good stuff. made me very, very happy). I need more coffee, though -- it's fading.

did some quick hacks to globealive's rating system to make it suck a little less, apologized to everyone (owner/experts) for being such a slacker with it. it still needs work. slugchewer may have the GA desktop ported to the mac *shortly*. :bouncebouncebounce:

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