quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

some whining

Good Things

  • I love amy, and she loves me.

  • Money isn't hurting so much yet.

  • had a really good talk with kevin, and maybe some things will come of that (ideally, social change... realistically, short term, some more good conversations and a better concept of myself and the world, possibly... and maybe some exercise, too.)

Bad Things

I'm totally burnt. I want everything to go away so I can start fresh again. *trying* to ... learn 'struts/hibernate' in an effort to ... do a project in it... and then redo all previous websites in a similar manner, to try to kinda somehow sorta start from scratch.

and NFG needs a few things, and globealive REALLY needs attention. it's sucking ass. :/ well, NFG really needs more than a few things, and some serious attention... and I kinda need to upgrade the server at this rate (too many sites are slowing it down... hoping the new coding style will speed things up... it might not, which will be even worse...) yeah. stop. and work. and work. and work. hoping to take all night tonight and maybe through tomorrow, though tomorrow is a designated writing day...

=( not sure why it's fragging out all of the sudden. just noticed a few days ago. #*&$^*#&$^???

  • globealive -- desktop is buggy, and only available on windows, and needs to be more configurable, and can't make it out of a firewall for some reason... or something like that. site is slow, rating system sucks, and we need moderation somewhere.

  • nfg -- site is slow and old, I still need to code a couple things to "finish" it (user voting on the best 69er), especially as the mag is now "out". though it's not "out" enough -- waiting on copies to arrive that I can distribute to bookstores and whatnot, and I don't think they've been sent yet.

  • poemranker -- site is slowing down. I can mostly ignore it, but... eh.

  • imaginaries -- still feel this really needs a major overhaul.

  • misc -- working on learning hibernate/struts for a site for amy (needs to be done before school starts), two technologies I hope will help me overhaul all my other sites... looking for a job... writing is going really slowly... I haven't painted anything lately... friends are apparently complaining (at least to eachother) that I'm neglecting them... and I'm sure I'm forgetting a couple of important footnotes somewhere...


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