quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

struts, hibernate, and the heat death of the universe...

since folks asked, I'll try to ... illuminate things some.


hibernate is a DAO. Trying to remember what that stands for. :/ [I don't remember. and maybe hibernate isn't one, since I just saw something saying that someone did a thin DAO layer over both hibernate and castor to test them...]

Hibernate says about itself: "Hibernate is a persistence service that stores Java objects in relational databases - or provides an object oriented view of existing relational data. (Hibernate also does some XML data binding!)"

basically, you set up an xml file and hibernate will do all of your database acess for you, with objected-orientedness and cacheing and stuff. ish.

it's part of the apache jakarta project, which really has a LOT of nifty projects in it...

struts has this to say about itself: " Struts encourages application architectures based on the Model 2 approach, a variation of the classic Model-View-Controller (MVC) design paradigm. Struts provides its own Controller component and integrates with other technologies to provide the Model and the View. For the Model, Struts can interact with any standard data access technology, including Enterprise Java Beans, JDBC, and Object Relational Bridge. For the View, Struts works well with JavaServer Pages, Velocity Templates, XSLT, and other presentation systems. "

yeah. that's a mouthful.

it's REALLY a mouthful (struts).

basically, it lets you offload a lot of design that would generally go into various jsps and servlets into a single xml schema, to make things easier to understand and modify. and there are tags and whatnot to make html form validation and other of life's little annoyances a bit easier.

And the heat death of the universe... is just something I think about from time to time (and I like how it sounds). It's a mite bit depressing, especially against my dreams of living "forever" (or at least, a very, very, very long time...) or against any possible dreams of fame, fortune, anything lasting... :poof: :/

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