quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

5:30 and all is well?

Time passes and thus climbs closer infintesimally the expected heat death of the universe.

What *is* this local system that has seen so much order?

We are but creatures of the light emitted from our sun.

It must be god.

I read a book on struts. I don't understand it, but I might be ready to tackle understanding it by attempting a small project. I need to incorporate hibernate with this project so as to be extra cool.

I typed up the scene and a half I'd written of my (current) story... just 600 more words. Not much progress. A little birdie tells me what I'm writing now is still skeleton compared to what it should be (though there are places where it's horribly overblown as well). 6600 words, now "halfway" through the scenes. And it's not THAT much longer than "anything else I'd ever written", contrary to my previous belief. I wrote a piece at burning man two years ago that was 5000 words or so. After that, the longest was 3500 (I think). But that piece was just a retelling of a fairy-tale, so it was easy to shove the words in (maybe?).

time for bed.

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