quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

the poemWanker awards...

wow. poemranker really exploded today.

I hope the good bits fall back down near eachother and the rest just fizzle away.

Chances are it will just get worse. :/

people started posting ascii porn as poetry. this... bugged me. especially as folks were artificially inflating those pieces to the top list.

at the same time, I broke down and made a "poemWanker" award for those who plagiarised incessantly. which, while not quite fitting what was going on, got slammed on a good handful of people for being wankers with the ascii art.

the poemWanker award: http://poemranker.com/about-poemwanker.jsp

some of the fun:

[hmm. these links are now dead, as I've gone and deleted the various "suggestion" threads. suffice it to say... it was not fun.]


today... has NOT... been a good day.

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