quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

I don't know what the hell I ate (a dream)

I'm Will from Will&Grace. :/

I'm sleeping in the back of a limo in gym sweats, curled up against the door. A phone in my lap goes off at the same time the door opens, my boss cursing and swearing at me. Apparently I was supposed to wait down there and answer the phone, the phone ringing right now is him, and I'd missed answering the phone for his wife.

[there was some part before that where I helped some kid or chick or something, but I'm not sure how]

I start crying and he starts maligning me and my false tears (which weren't). So I get stone-faced pissed and walk out. He fires me.

Then the chick from before comes by asking for my help. I walk past her, trying to avoid her, eventually manage to lose her... and wind up sneaking back around to where she's going to offer help.

A cat's doing acrobatics off of fences around a small, fenced-off area. I manage to surprise chicklet.

then I woke up -- there would have been more -- it was a REALLY deep dream. walking on the stairs and knocking on the door. hello plumber.

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