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too forced? (revised)

In the beginning --
there was fear
and doubt
and hope: hope the morbid and hope the scornful.

In the beginning --
there was memory
(memory of pain, and doubt, and fear... and hope).

In the beginning...

Uncertaintly lay coiled and writhing,
serpentine beauty catching my
every passing thought:
a rattling tail
devouring consciousness.

Hope the morbid and hope the scornful
cavort merrily upon the playground of my pain,
delighting in the subtle pleasures of memory.

Where is alice?

I've been ten feet tall...

The rabbit jumped from the airplane
and knocked at my toadstool
and I'm not sure if I'm falling or floating.

Hope the morbid and hope the scornful
are calling and jeering.

Their voices are fading.

Uncertainty extends cautiously
and disappears
as sunlight bathes it in gentle warmth...
substituting silent contentment.

Life is good
if I'm falling
or floating.

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