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(still no review from lj-review)

She was really sweet; definitely fed my ego until I got to my actual score. I guess I just lost a little bit here and a little bit there and didn't notice until the slap at the end. La la la. And such a well-intentioned slap it was. I need to be more emotional and funnier. :visualizes slipping on a banana:

I really haven't been in a "funny" mood lately. Either excited or depressed, swinging from one to the other with such rapidity, well... "visualizes slipping on a banana on the floor, then slipping on one on the ceiling, repeating ad nauseum...". *whee*

and I should use cuts more often. ;) No, really I should. Sometimes I just don't know where to do the break, and sometimes it's latent passive-aggressiveness. "Look! I'm... *almost* an asshole. But you don't mind that much, right?" And I expect most folks reading don't really even notice. (do you?)

la la la.

And now for my first lj-poll ever! The first question I kinda woke up with, just as a "yeah, that's an okay entry for today". Then... I thought "hey, I could do it as a poll. then I'd have done a poll. cool." And then came other questions. La la la? Feel free to append "in bed" to any of these questions.

And man, okay, I'll lj-cut this one. I didn't realize how long it was going to be.

Poll #84407 Miscellany #9

Why do you exist?

What is your favorite quiz(let)?

What is your favorite word?

What is your favorite word that can't be found in a dictionary?

What is the coolest fortune you've ever gotten from a fortune cookie?

Have you ordered a copy of NFG yet?

hell no

What "quiz question" (from this poll) moved you the most, and why?

What "quiz question" (ever) moved you the most, and why?


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