quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

today. now.

reading a linear algebra text. so far I'm at stuff that's mind numbingly simple. but I'm making myself go one tiny piece at a time so I don't miss any crumbs, and so that possibly I can learn to be a good student, and so that possibly I can actually have a *coherent* understanding of what I'm learning.

I spent monday and tuesday reading and rating all submissions at nfg. them were a long two days.

tuesday evening was writer's group (Tuesday) hypothermya, time permitting, might be interested? I should mention it if she doesn't happen to catch this. mostly it's a weekly bullshit session with various attempts at writing, discussion of writing, life, the universe, and whatever... it was good. I might be on the verge of actually writing something. it could be crap, but anything completed would be a breakthrough for me at the moment. :/

I'm keeping caught up at nfg for now. not so much with email. maybe with livejournal. it's been spotty, though -- I'll be "gone" for a week and then... scroll back maybe two days. it's difficult.

I'm behind with all of my projects. but not too badly so. they can be ignored a bit longer. globealive has been rather demoralizing of late. people are mean. :/ NFG has first issue up for sale, along with subscription info. I should have a few hundred copies in my hands in a week or two. I hope. the cover of the first mag is on the web page now [nfg.ca].

thinking about going out and buying "new" music sometime today, maybe. and I need to paint another coat or two of sealant on three pieces of wood, weather permitting. but now I'm just procrastinating. ;) so back to math...

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