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oy. oy vey. it has been a couple of... full... complete, even... days....

a long long walk yesterday, followed by copious amounts of margaritas and pina coladas. playing speed and war and just hanging out.

going to hot topic and finding some really cute chick pants... finding out that I'm apparently a size five, give or take. the label may be wrong, but that's what it says.
went to my first heavy metal concert. it was a death metal concert. Deicide. Yumm. Went into the pit (obviously for the first time) it was good. I was happy with myself for being able to convince myself to do that. All in all, it was a very friendly pit... kits of shoving and pushing without much nastiness. I did leave when it got roudier than I had the energy for (the pit, not the concert). My lip piercing/upper lip/nose were the target of a well-struck punch. quite intentional (on their part)... I wasn't interested. And at first I was a little worried about the lip ring, because I had various segments of loose flesh around the lip.

tomorrow I'll probably go in to work.

so many things to think about; not sure what I think I want; not sure what I think I want to even think about. la la la.

I've been complemented on my chest. that made me all fluttery inside. I've not had that part of my physique complimented before. it was very random. la la la.

i'm so tired. I ache all over. (picture: bounce, bounce, bounce, push, spin, b ounce, bounce, bounce, *thud* *fall* *jump up* bounce bounce bounce*) right.


I feel good. :)

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