quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

four days.

I can't believe it's only been four days. They've really been... packed.

I'm sure I'll miss something.

I wish I was missing my pounding headache. Had too much caffeine earlier and haven't had anything else to drink. I should do that soon. :/

Spent chunks of the last four days getting help with a rethink of the globealive look-and-feel. Spent the last three hours implementing it. The dude did a NICE logo. We only really redesigned the front page, but I ran with that and crossed it with google's non-main-pages for a reasonable effect, I think. YAY! It really is much more beautiful.

Yesterday (and yesternight) was spent in sacramento. I attended a library conference to try to hawk globealive and maybe get some freelance work... neither went well.

Yesternightandaday was spent helping my parents build two boxes I bought them. They are quite awesome b0x3n. I drooled. Very pretty, inside and out. That was a full-day affair. My dad persevered throughout, but my mom wandered off and started washing dishes and whatnot in an effort to avoid putting hers together after the first few hours. It was still good, though -- a serious experience for the both of them, and some serious machines.

Thedaybeforethat I don't really remember. Feh.

Earlier today was spent writing. It was wondrous. I had caffeine (the aforementioned caffeine). And discussed writing -- a plot hole I'm trying to figure out and other folks' plot holes, and ideas on how to work with them. I didn't... actually write antyhing... (that was the idea, but it wound up feeling more productive to talk and discuss and maybe write later)... and hopefully we're going to do this more often (like next week, the week after, ...).

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