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and now for a little nothing

this week I've been kinda busting my ass for bf kudos. I don't think it needed doing, but it made me feel a little better.

also spent an insane amount on christmas presents for my parents. I really hope they appreciate them. also ordered christmas things for amy. still need to figure out christmas things for "everybody else". whee. gotta love being unemployed. :cough: it hurts to think about... but it doesn't, at the same time.

so today I relaxed. it was good. I hung out with an old friend and we talked about this that and the other, had some YUMMY broccoli soup his daughter made, went for a walk around hidden lakes park, fed the ducks, went to a small art show... it was really good. As much as I hate the fact, I really needed it. relaxation, that is.

but now... guh. a little of this and a little of that and I'm in a really shitty mood. time to go to sleep and make today go away.

part of it, quotes mildly faked just to keep it short:

"emailing him and you both to keep things easy"
... several minutes later, after I've finished and sent the email ...
"does that mean he'll see te email I sent you?"
"umm... was that bad?"
"I'm not sure I would have said what I did if I'd known he would see it"

this is me doing the emailing... I feel bad for, well, what? not exactly for abusing confidence, but kinda. bleah. fuck it.

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