quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

thanks to ladypinkfloyd for prodding me in my shell

umm. I really haven't been posting much.


life has just been... really busy, I guess, and rather boring. It feels more like a grocery list than anything else ... no, more like a recipe. I've gotten most of the ingredients (may have forgotten a couple at which point I'll have to go back to the store) and I'm *trying* to cook half a dozen five-course meals. For charity.

hmm. I suppose that's good enough for an entry that I should use it as a post. And then I should start reading other folks again, and posting to them. I do have more than enough time in my day; I've ... been almost completely antisocial lately. Not sure which is cause and which effect, but it doesn't make for the initiation of much chatter.

I've been daydreaming about my next project, not that I appear to have ANY time for it yet... fractalranker. it will be a good thing. though I'm trying to... dunno. I'd like it to be somewhat friendlier that poemranker but I'm not sure how to make that come about or if the different medium will simply do it for me. (people can't really post incendiary fractals, except by their title perhaps...)

GlobeAlive... we prereleased the site oct 29th or so. It wasn't ready, but it was a marketing opportunity that we couldn't really pass up. (somewhat similar site was closing down their public access and allowed us to post recruiting messages on their site until they shut down... on the 31st)

It seems to be going well, considering. I need to be two or three more people with more specialties. (that's what all the bitching has been about the last two or three or four weeks, now... and for a while there really wasn't anything else in my life). Now I'm breathing again, at least. Designed and had printed business cards for the first time in my life. That was kinda cool. The link will eventually die, but until then, this is what they look like: -- kinda dorky, I know. Came out dorkier on paper, though I can't tell you why. There's no visual difference between the virtual and the physical... but there's SOMETHING psychological going on. kinda strange. I only got 100 done, so hopefully the next one will be better.

Though really, my "second attempt"s tend to be worse than my first, for some reason. bleah.

I'm going to a library conference on monday up in Sacramento to try to hawk my wares -- find more people to sit around and be experts, or people to pass on the word that you should TRY globealive if you have questions about anything. The site has not reached the critical mass of being useful yet, but I hope in time... Admittedly, I have features that need to be added, and the more people we get the more painful it will be to add these features (knocking everyone offline...). I'm not good at large-scale "site maintenance protocol".

anything else?

life with Amy is good -- better, just recently, actually. And I'm mostly recovered from the previous entry -- I have :flashes: of the scene from time to time, but the smell has left said mental eye. I took a picture so I couldn't forget, though I haven't looked at it yet.

Oh, and NFG is due to hit print Dec 12. I'm *really* looking forward to that, and will be hawking THOSE wares something fierce (trying to sell subscriptions so we can show subscription numbers to advertisers so we can get the mag paid for.... subscriptions/sales don't pay for a mag, it's ALL the advertising... sad? horrible.) Though I have more programming to do to support NFG, still. contests, bug fixes, and user support OH MY.

Hello. This is not goodbye. :)

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