quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

MFC (same project as last two weeks...)

I can't believe I'm still working on the same thing...

I really don't get this shit.

An "MFC for dummies" link could be helpful. "MFC for java folks" would be VERY helpful. Or even "MFC for people who hate microsoft and don't understand why the fuck they're trying to learn MFC..."

I "removed" the menubar from my application... along with half a dozen other things I didn't want... and spent an hour and a half getting it running again. You *HAVE* to have a menubar in an MFC application... but you can ovverride a method in your Frame class to *remove* the menubar after it's created but before it's shown.

Now... I'm trying to figure out how to put controls in a window. I really don't get this shit. I have a sneaking suspicion you can't put controls into a window and I needed to start out this exercise by using the wizard to create (yes, I'm using vc++ because... well... oh yeah, it has a prettier resource editor than codewarrior, for the version of each that I have...) an application based on a dialog instead of an application based on a window. but that just doesn't seem right.

At the source of my current confusion is... the whole CSingleDocTemplate thing... what they are, why they are, what you need docs and views for (I get the Frames thing, I think; it seems similar to the java Frame...)

So I guess at the moment I just need to find a tutorial on document templates in vc++... hmm...

:crosses fingers:

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