quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

taming the shrew

actually, taming the neighbor's kitten. and my cats, while I'm at it.

See, my cats are indoor/outdoor cats. One of our walls is mostly windows (though the sun never really hits that side of the apartment) feh. Anyway, two banks of those windows are the weird little slotted glass folding things. I have two slats on the far side of the wall removed so my cats can come and go as they please.

Unfortunately, this means neighbor cats can come and go as they please. We've (my two cats, amy, and I) been working to "train" a black and a large grey/siamese cat away from our place. Over the last few months, we've done a pretty good job.

Enter: kitten. This is a really cute kitten. But my cats are kinda antisocial (to a fault). The kitten's been coming in and then running away at the first sight of me sighting it. Heron seems totally unphased by this development, but Skolopacidae is quite annoyed. She doesn't outright attack, or even hiss or growl, but she wines... (did I mention she's part siamese, too?) OH MAN DOES SHE WHINE! So today I spent an hour and a bit playing with skolo while the kitten watched from afar, petting skolo and calming her down, coaxing the kitten closer, keeping skolo from threatening, cajoling the kitten back... I even got to pet it on the back once. :) I like mellow. Mellow cats are good (well, mellow cats that can totally spaz out with a cat toy are especially good).


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