quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

dreams: bloody farm, birthday

These should be short, as there's not much in the details I really want to capture.

The first is a animal farm crossed with a quake engine... set in a concentration camp. Yeah, fucking freaky dream; I do not like living in a vector/polygon world. (I mean, at the very least it could have been the doom3 engine, no?)

second dream was my birthday. I was still living at the carrison street apartment and trying to juggle a couple sets of friends. We all went out to dinner at a restaraunt I think I've dreamed about before -- it was very familiar, but I can't place it. I think it was an oriental place of some sort, but I can't place what we ate, either. It devolved into another one of those "wake up because you have to piss" sorts of things. Saw a lot of characters from my life years ago, and Amy started acting like Shweta (knowing all the people, stopping for hugs, that sort of thing; it was weird and annoying because I felt like I had to stop with her when I was REALLY having to go to the bathroom). La.

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