quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

these three things... :sigh:

I finally got my natd config working to let me create games on bnet. That's the good thing, the end of one of my trials/tribulations/thetroublewithtribbles.

So I went shooting today. A strange, strange experience. Biked down to San Leandro with doclonghair's favorite range (well, the one he goes to in this area, at least...). It was (unusually for him but likely not for a Saturday) crowded (and unpleasant to him for this). It was all new to me -- I've held a pistol once before, never fired anything other than cap guns and water pistols. (and nerf darts, and a blow gun, and a bow...). It was fun. He has some sort of .22 rifle we used. ping ping ping. I didn't suck too much ass despite not quite being able to focus (less my vision and more just how I've been interacting with the physical world lately).

On my way back (in a thankfully convenient spot), after agreeing to wrench sometime SOON (though we've said this many times and not yet done it) on our bikes (my chain, engine oil, and coolant being my chief concerns), my bike started making strange noises... whenever the wheels rotated, as opposed to having anything to do with the engine. I got worried but figured I'd make it home and look at it (always, always, ALWAYS a bad idea... I haven't learned my lesson yet, apparently). Within about two minutes (and at the aforementioned thankfully convenient spot, really...) my stomach (and the transmission) dropped out of my bike.

thankfully, it wasn't really the transmission -- it was the chain. That should be easy to fix and deal with, and I don't have to move my bike from where it's currently parked until 4pm Monday.

So I get home and can't focus on anything, more so than before (though the before was just being unable to pay attention to an image without it bouncing around, and the now is being unable to pay attention to a thought without it bouncing around). So I pester doclonghair on icq and get him to agree to some starcraft. But apparently he's got some routing issues, same ones I've got -- can't create a game. (well, can't create a game anyone else can see, that is...) So I break down and start working on getting my network to forward the appropriate ports to the appropriate machine so I can create a game, so we can get our game on.

I bring down my network (typical, no?). I go over to the server/router/firewall and plug a monitor and keyboard into it, but no juice -- probably because it last rebooted without them. (hmm, need to look into that? anyone?) So, holding my breath, I hit the reboot. "It will come back up, it will come back up," I chant to myself. Really, it will. It comes up and starts doing file system checks (which of course take forever because I haven't gotten the mobo to admit that it has ADA/100 capabilities) and then starts to start various services... and then stops. no login prompt. no errors, but no login prompt. I sit and wait. It waits with me. Nada. So I ctrl-alt-delete it (which at least shuts the filesystems down cleanly and a couple other things as well), and ... reboot happens quicker and all, but SAME EXACT SPOT it just sits there.

I'm tearing hair and whatnot when I go ahead and see if I can at least ping it. I can. And I can ping google too. Now *that's* strange because this apparently locked box is my dns. and (as mentioned) firewall and all that business. so that stuff seems to be working. and checking, the webserver and database are working too. And while I'm at it, I can ssh in, too! I just can't get in LOCALLY. WTF!?!?

But after another hour and a half I did get the battlenet stuff working. I could create a game on battlenet with one computer, and see it with another computer on the same firewall. cool. :) Finally.

And that is all. Next, a silly little random post inspired by someone cutting their ring finger.

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