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the days have been very draining lately. i've been sleeping late, waking up deliriously dehydrated, trying to get work done, going to sleep deliriously dehydrated, and ... yeah. okay, it's not that bad... but that's the way it feels each morning when I wake up at least; and often when I'm going to bed. the middle part is better than that, I think. Mostly. ish.

I haven't really done anything interesting lately. I've played with my fractal program, trying to make it faster and more interesting and work properly -- it's jumping through an interesting logic hole.... it kinda sucks, I can't find where it's coming from, but somehow it's deciding that large black spaces are good areas to check out. WHY?

I've made a couple of paintings-in-progress less interesting. That always sucks. They may requir wiping.

I've played a little with some electronic parts. My solar cells don't have enough power to run a small motor. AA is more than enough (but not too much more than enough) -- I need to see if a AAA does it, too. that would be nice -- easier to recharge, I think.

shadowrun game is going well.

cyberpunk game is starting up.

la la la.

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