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dream: starcraft/spiderman/camera memory

practicing webspinning. trying to convince brother I'm not delusional, our powers are real. show off web spinning. [that *might* not be connected, but the power structure of me+brother versus sister+mother seems tied in... and there's a lot more there if I can dredge it out. it was SO hard to get out of bed.]

visiting "safe" area. it's being "cleansed" by the human faction; lumbering mounds are being destroyed. something seems wrong. talking to store proprietor, asking if he happens to have any more memory sticks. ask for a 128 meg chip. he says, "actually, I have a gift for you." which turns out to be an 81 meg memory chip. which seems disturbing. I suspect a virus. I ask to preview the chip and he hooks up a complicated apparatus in his camera, which feeds my suspicions.. like he's buffering his camera from the virus and hiding the virus from me with a layer of indirection. I don't have the tools to deal with that and say, "actually, no thanks, but thanks." He at that point notices my suspicion but doesn't do/say anything.

Somehow I preview (using the card he gave me on his camera) what's going to happen: _my sister gates in, and comes toward me. "mission successful" flashes across the "screen" and points begin to tally up. I stagger backwards and I see an infected creature behind me and off to the side... mutating under the infection... then screen changes to "mission failed" and "the general"? (leader of the human army) comes charging after me as I teleport out.

...more stuff...

I teleport back to the shop later to try to sneak around and see if I can learn any more. There's a laptop on the shelf to my left in a partial state of repair or disrepair. On its screen is a picture of the human general in his estate. It appears to be a live video feed. I also get the impression that the laptop is his or is intended for him and is going to infect him when he gets it. Maybe through the same memory stick that was almost foisted off onto me.

I pop the drive attachment off to see if the stick is in there when the lights of the shop come on and the proprietor appears on the other side of a glass case.

... we banter ... the proprietor offers to let me go if I kiss him.

I attempt to teleport out but I can't. My sister begins laughing from the corner. She ties me down and goes on and on about "join my side", "world domination", yadda yadda...

somehow I wind up masturbating her and at the moment of her climax teleporting out.


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Sep. 3rd, 2002 01:07 am (UTC)
dreams are cool. except one i had a sex dream w my brother and found it extremely disturbing. is it supposed to mean something symbolically? i wonder...
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