quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

gerald lives (coughs and sputters)

so, you know, I'm really really happy with my triumph. I haven't been paying the yamaha any attention (I need to sell it, but ... would like it to be in better shape for selling... but haven't been working on it and the more it sits the worse off it is...)

yesterday I got a notice on it saying it needed to be moved within three days. shortly before that, I found out the front brakes didn't work. So today I set out to fix that, which was a reasonably easy proposition. I had everything I needed onhand except for some brake fluid, so I ran down to the 7-11 and got some. Then I wrenched the bleeder tubes open and found out the system was ... dry. bone dry. no wonder. :) so I filled one all good and happy and ... had to practically drill out a hole rusted shut on the other one to get it going, but it got good and happy too.

While I was just topping off the end bit, a guy driving past stopped and asked if it was for sale. which it is. So I talked him through what issues it was having and let him try to ride, and got on to see why he was having so much trouble starting it... the rear break is semilocked, or something like. I'm going to try bleeding that, I guess... and play around, see if I can't loosen it somehow. Hoping hoping hoping to be able to store my bike at the apartment while I go off to burning man.

But the strange part was after (Don) rode off, he came back and mentioned he knew of a place hiring mechanics. It would be so cool to work as a mechanic for a bit. :) I should ask for Steve at the Friendly Cab Company. drivers or mechanics. :)

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