quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

still going strong

it's 7am and I've done 90% of what I'm aiming to do, about 99% of what I set out to do. nfg is really coming together. :) and Shar came online around 6am and chattered at me about stuff and was all excited, and that made me feel really good. just did a backup of the site and burned it. I am *not* doing all that over again, not unless I'm doing the whole site from scratch with plenty of time to think and design. ;)

just a little more I need to do before I can feel well accomplished. I just really wish more people could see how much was there.

and I wish we had real milk to go with my cereal. I'm almost desperate enough to try this powdered shit. but ... just a couple of blocks to the store... but if I do that I might lose all momentum towards finishing this stuff. :whee: maybe another cup of hot chocolate (I've had two now). Swiss Miss powedered stuff. that's no so bad, really. (I was surprised)

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