quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

dream: party, food, rat, death, circus animals, stone carving

right. anoter one of those LOOOOOOOOOONG dreams that could well be two, but really feel like one with a strange disjoint in the middle. and I should really be taking a shower and getting to work, but the imagery was so pretty.

right. I'll see what I can do.


1) party at my place.

lots of people; cramped apartment building... my family... I'm serving desserts... we run out and I go downstairs to the store (which turns out being Fred's market, with Jim (I think; I could never keep them straight) there).. I'm looking through for instant Jello pudding mix and am giving up when he asks me if he can help me find anything. I struggle to find the words "instant pudding mix" and he looks all sorts of excited and has his son run off; son comes back and says he found it. we go to the front of the store and he opens a bottle of E&J Brandy (it's on my shelf -- didn't know offhand, but *knew* it was familiar, something I had...)... and opens a bottle of some darker liquid (presumably alcohol... like a chocolate syrupy sort of alcohol...) and pours enough in to the brandy to color it dark. he caps the brandy and hands it to me, saying "Twenty dollars" in his strange and barely comprehensible voice. "What? Twenty dollars?" I'm fishing for the money in my wallet. "This is going to make pudding somehow?" "What?" "Pudding?" "You want pudding? My son thought you said this! Yeah, we have pudding." And he goes to a shelf where the pudding is not normally stored and grabs a couple packets off of it for me.

2) strange chica

I'm looking out a window, one in a series of windows... like a hallway in a castle sort of full of windows looking out. an older lady comes up to me and curls her hand in mine the way amy likes to. we look out the window together. outside is a running river with a strange but beautiful .... boat, for lack of a better primary descriptive term. a boat like it was grown out of the rock that was sitting there, like the rock was grown out of a sandbar that might have been there. it was a strange oriental boat with strange oriental plantlife around it... the old lady next to me was wearing a blue kimono... [this feels like the same apartment as above] I go for a walk to clear my head.

3) on the road

walking through a strange city; everything seems at once familiar and strange/surreal, like I'm walking through a major town in a different part of the world... (especially like walking through sydney australia at 3 or 4 am...)

sorry, I'll try to fill this out later!


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