quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

little things

I think I'm going to retire the helmet I rode to work with. a) it's really old b) it's fairly shitty. c) one of the ends that holds on the visor popped off. I could replace that, but... see a and b.

Today I got the last in a grab bag of robot books I ordered from amazon. It comes with a little kit. The kit is so cute! It comes in one of those back-of-book cd flaps. muscle wire is cool. (I hope I don't think it sucks too much by the end of the book)

And I forgot to brag that poemranker got picked as yahoo's pick of the week july 7th. Which basically ground the site to a halt july 8th. but by the 9th I had tightened a lot of stupid, well-meaning code and it seems to be running more smoothly than I could have hoped (under moderate load... several thousand hits a day...)

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