quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

July 4... independence day...

I had fish and chips.

to celebrate britain.
to celebrate america.
to celebrate our "liberation".
to snub my nose at america.

and to celebrate free thinking, while it lasts...

that was about it. we caught some nice fireworks on the ride home from pyramid brewery, some of the nicest I've seen in the last four years (where I've either spent my time watching from a great distance, or trying to get up close but getting stuck as part of the human sludge blocks away from anything interesting with large buildings between me and it).

I really am not one to relax in a crowd. amy has plans to plan to convince me otherwise next year. :shrug:

other than that, I spent most of today picking 6 hours worth of songs for our julyoween party. fun?

I need to do more reading.

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