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dream -- too much work!

this was last night's dream -- it was very long and involved and had a long and involved dream before it, but I forgot about it for most of the day. I remembered a tiny snippet and the vague gist of it around midday but wasn't near any recording devices. So then I was about to go to sleep just now (yeah, I know, it's early -- trying to wake up early in the morning, head in to work and be productive...)

anyway, it was basically this: I was at a convenience store, putzing around, trying to decide which candy I wanted (or something like that -- typical convenience store stuff). I got into a conversation with one of the folks that worked there and I all of the sudden really wanted to work there. So I started talking about when I'd be available and whatnot and setttled on a 20 hour/week job, which I was all happy about.

One of the other customers seemed concerned for me and wanted me to think it over more. I went back to *his* shop and putzed around (a hardware store -- yum!) ... and the more I thought about it, the more I didn't want the job at the convenience store. But I'd been so excited about it, I felt somewhat obligated towards it. Then I started realizing that I couldn't even spare the twenty hours when I took into account the time it would take to get to and from work... and remembering that I actually need to sleep and shower and such as that. And something in the back of my mind was telling me that they were going to schedule me for forty hours regardless of what I wanted.

I was close to crying with frustration with myself -- then I woke up and completely forgot about it.

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