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I went shopping for shirts yesterday. Went to a mall and hit at least 8 clothing stores, tried on stuff in over half of them. Started out feeling good about myself and being critical of the shirts.

About halfway through (3 hours into it) I started finding shirts I really liked... that made me look like shit. I started getting really critical of my posture and gut, and ... that sucked. Was weird. Another 3 hours and I finally had some nice shirts that didn't make me look like shit, but after staring into mirrors for six hours... ugh!

I still feel like a bloated mess.

This was probably my largest shoping trip (for clothes? nah, period, in terms of time spent and number of things looked at) ever. Eh-ver, as amy would say it. I didn't jog yesterday or the day before. The day before was supposed to be a "day off" -- 20 minute walk with amy. Yesterday, well, 6 hours on my feet... my left foot's arch is killing me. Hopefully I'll be able to pick up where I left off and jog today.

and I just found a lovely bug in mozilla. (well, just == this posting). Now it's not getting insanely slow as I type (this is 1.0, final release version... all previous pversions were just really slow in large text areas... this one ... hmm, this one does seem to be slowing odwn. AND it's not showing the line I'm typing on. Once I typed enough to hit the bottom of the text area, it let me wrap one line further down before scrolling. I can't watch the bottom line I'm typing. Bleah. O suppose that's all.

6 hours later, I have 5 new shirts, at least. =) Well, mor elike 8 hour slater with driving and such. So now I get to see which old shirts I can throw away. This is going to be hard -- they've been a part of my life for so long each of them has hundreds or memories. :(

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