quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

a beautiful day and a good day

I don't really want to write about it but feel I should for balance. There was little wind, great cloudiness, not too much sun, not too cold, not too much heat, not to much cloudiness, erm. A basically perfect day.

And it was great!

James, Donovan and I went out for a bike ride -- my bike, james' bike; donovan rode bitch with me.

we met up at the 7/11 near donovan's (a little after the time we'd agreed to get there... typical ;)

then hit jack in the box for a quick :ulp: "meal" before heading out. I was starving, and so were they. Anyway. When there, maybe even the ... harbinger? omen? ... of the wonderfull(ness?) of the day to follow... My passenger mirror has been bugging me for weeks. I keep forgetting to go after it with a wrench (I keep forgetting to bring a wrench out); we're gearing up to leave (james is attacking a cancerstick) and I notice a flash of two blue... handles... sticking out of a guy's back pocket as he's going in; I hurry up to him and ask him if that's a pair of pliers, and if I can borrow them. They are, he does! Amazing! =) So James and I both fix our mirrors (his has apparently been bothering him for a year or so) -- a slight jiggle as opposed to mine waving around in the wind like a fraggin' flag.

anyway... we went down to the palace of fine arts, because James has a poster of janis sitting on her car there. so we walked the perimeter, figured out where the shot came from, and took a couple of shots of james and donovan and just it, and ... well, I took 47 photos today. I really like about 5 of them. Which I think is pretty damned good. Especially since I could hardly see what I was shooting, with the sun being out. [digital camera]

from there we hit fort... funston? something like that. I didn't know how to get there but I had a vague idea of where we were and a vague idea of where it was... did I mention it was a beautiful day out? so we rode, and without really taking any wrong turns made it there. Where we walked, talked, took pictures, daringly climbed up and down cliffs, and... stuff like that. When we'd done a circuit, and there was time to spare, James suggested Muir Beach.

We didn't know how to get "back" to the golden gate bridge (we'd passed it, but...), but we managed our way back over it (again, without undue problems... and it was a BEAUTIFUL day out).

That was one hell of a twisty ride up to Muir Beach Overlook (not to be confused with Muir Beach, which is good to note as we kept passing or going opposite signs pointing to Muir Beach...)

and that was beautiful. more photos, nice topping to the day.

and then we went to in-n-out, to pop donovan's in-n-out cherry (since in-n-outs are pretty much a california thing...) but for "fast food" they do good burgers. that's all they do -- burgers, fries, shakes. maybe onion rings? Not a large menu. but what they do, they do well. :)

then we went to pyramid brewery to pop james' drinking at a "bar" cherry -- he recently turned 21. I made the exquisite mistake of ordering a beer that actually didn't taste too bad. (I'm not a fan of beer). Perhaps part of that was the 9.1% alcohol per volume (we asked afterwards).

Anyway. That was the day. Beautiful and well spent. :)

If only amy had been here for it all. :) But she'll be back soon enough.

yup. :)

for a photo of the palace of fine arts (and James, and the Janis poster), see: umm, yeah.. :)

and... MORE PHOTOS! -- people like pictures, right?

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