quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

a list of "current" projects; what do I do?

just trying to get myself organized again; I have motivation and energy and I'm trying to figure out where to apply it. went for a morning jog, browsed around a hardware store, tried to jog a bit more and wound up walking instead. I'm not very good at jogging uphill; go figure.


  • dripfeed watering system for amy's plants
  • some sort of timer/robotic control for above
  • reading nonfiction or relatively nonfiction stuff -- expanding my mind
  • order random electrical/electromechanical goodies to make "stuff" out of
  • design watering can for amy's plants?
  • work on java book for 9g
  • fractroam -- rewrite more cleanly, ... add different "movement" modes...
  • add "message" text somehow... generic fonts? ugh! something.
  • corev2 -- bring to usable condition
  • poemranker -- list comments left by user, votes by user?, track down
  • "comment" bug?
  • NFG -- add "comics", make "editing" feasible
  • ruleslawyer
  • fractalranker
  • reading for work (need to have done by monday morning, ish)
  • tuneup and cleanup my bike
  • try to repair my car? or get it scrapped?
  • try to sell my other bike?
  • find classes to take to get into a MS/PhD bio degree somewhere
  • catch up with 100poems...
  • catch up with email...

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