quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

I'm so grateful that our world isn't being taken over by zombies.

Yeah, another dream; another nightmare. This was weird.

Yesterday, after exercise and a bit of food and a four hour massage I found myself unusually tired and took a nap aroun 7:30pm. Passed out, woke up at, well, 6:30am to write this. I'm pretty sure I woke up before and went back to sleep, putting the dream at roughly 5:30-6:30 (it was dark out with loud loud birds the first time I woke up).

zombies! like out of [that semi-recent action movie, with zombies, based on a video game... _Resident Evil_] but that comes later.

The first segment of dream I remember starts with me in a car, in the seat behind the driver; I'm leaning forward and to the inside to see better. Some elderly lady is taking me to an island (I'm doing a favor for her; a part of me feels like I'm being smuggled in). [The old lady strongly reminds me of a cross between the "little old lady" from tweety bird segments and Maude (from _Harold and Maude_)]

We're driving along nearly escheristic freeways, constantly moving up and down, splitting, rejoining, hitting different levels. I'm totally admiring the freeways, their construction and design, wistfully thinking I'd like to build a freeway system and getting a bit depressed about not knowing where to start.

When we reach the toll plaza (which is almost like a skilift), we're in a different, boxier car... the old lady is replaced with a nondescript tollbooth worker sort in blue police uniform, looking somewhat bored. in the passenger seat (which had been empty?) is another nondescript fellow, with a shadowy beard and clothes somewhere between a jogging uniform and a business suit. I pull a ticket out and see that it's for two dollars. so I pull out three more dollars to make five, and then toss the ticket up into the front to be used as my toll. The other guy picks up my ticket and uses it, adding three dollars. I'm confused and try to correct what he just did but he claims that the two dollar ticket was his... and that another one under it is mine. The one under it is for either five or six dollars, and I hand that to the tollbooth lady (in addition to the three dollars still in my hand, because I'm that confused), and she gives me five dollars (in ones) back.


I remember the zombie dream being long and involved, but I'll work backwards because I'm only sure of stuff from a certain point... and I thought these two tied in together somewhere (the zombies and the dream above... though perhaps the dream above was simply setting me up/taking me to...)

I vaguely remember a football stadium...

and picnicing before it gets dark...

[the story picks up at...]

I'm outside a mansion, or a series of buildings clumped together.... the grounds are large and lush, grassy, but it's night out... and I just walked past seven zombies in various states of dismemberment and decay. They were going somewhere purposefully and only one of them halfheartedly lunged for me. I tried to ignore them while hurrying past and made it to a door, which I began pounding on while keeping an eye out on my back and sides.

The door opens and a short, fleshy girl of 25 or so opens it up... I lift a light to her and she doesn't seem pale, and she's peering out to me... she quickly ushers me in, and I start complaining about how hard it is to tell whether someone is a zombie. She says something about "well, they're either pale or not... and zombies just look *wrong* for that matter". I respond, "I hope so... I hope that's enough." We're halfway up the stairs and the door opens. I see her, the girl ahead of me, coming up the stairs, but she looks different. Flesh is bruised in places, and she has a pale, sweaty pallor; for a moment I think I'm trapped, but jerking around I see that the one above me is still fine, and seems to be coming down in battle array to deal with her apparent alter ego. Seeing this, I bludgeon the one below me with ... a 2x4 that I must have picked up from the staircase. We shut the door and lock and chain it and head up to the first room. I exclaim, "I didn't know they could clone... how did she look like you? How did she look like you?" but get no answer. [sic: in writing this up, another answer could be twins... I'm good at being oblivious like that sometimes]

The first room is on the second story of the building, and it's on the corner of the house. There are many windows on two walls. Outside, across the lawn opposite the door I see into someone else's house; it seemed unscathed, no zombies about. Actually, everything seems quieter than a host of rabid zombies. Another girl comes in, tired, looking almost dead but not quite, and says, "The war is over. It's over." The girl I came up with tries to turn on another light, and they all flicker out. She turns the light back off and the two others come back on. There's not enough energy to go around. We are losing.

It's just the three of us in the room and none of us move; I'm afraid of how she's going to finish that statement. Three more girls are climbing up the sides of the building and I recognize them as the leader and 2nds in command of the "resistance"... they're not taken yet... they're wrapping ropes around the windows (the windows open out and up) to make them easier to keep closed from a distance.

Then she dramatically drops the line, "But it's not what you think. They won. The war is over and they won."

"Do you want us to kill you now?" I ask.

"Yes, kill me now, kill me clean; I can't take this!"

suddenly the three girls outside are pulled down and disappear into a seething zombie mess. The zombies are crawling up the walls and ropes; they're crawling over the windows and up to further stories of building. I knock as many down as I can with a plank of wood, but it's not really doing them any damage -- I'm just knocking them down, stalling...

The girl that led me up the stairs is tossing buckets of cat litter out the window, and it seems to be melting them somehow. But we don't have enough. We don't have enough and the zombies are breaking through the windows now and coming in...

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