quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

ow ow ow ow

went for a jog this morning. same loop as last night. For the first time jogging, my legs gave out before my lungs (lungs == dehydration, I think?). I almost made it as far as I did last night... 8 minutes as opposed to 9. just about 100 feet, uphill... wish I knew how much of a gradient it was, and how much gradients affect ... stuff. almost wish the area were flat so I could have a stable running ground. but I really like the hills. :)

once I started walking, I noticed significant pain in my right shin and left lower calf. I did my best to avoid favoring either or limping on the bit home. Now that I'm sitting down they're just... glowing in pain. not so bad, really.

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