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dream(s?): home and zoo

In fifty minutes, between the time my alarm went off at 9, and when I roused myself at 9:50... started writing this at 10:00, now it's 10:30. That's (part of) why it's so hard to write these down...

home: I'm at my "home" with Amy, Max, Jill, maybe Lillian, and an older male figure (maybe Mat). [maybe Lillian and Mat are really Dennis and Barbara; hard to tell... but the older guy is grey-haired, tending towards plump but not outright fat, gives off the feeling of a scientist type] It's night out, but the lights are bright and keep the house well lit. The house is airy/spatious with tall ceilings. Amy is outside, and I'm trying to explain to Jill and Lillian how to get to Jill's house from where we are. The only map they have is a paper one that doesn't show enough to be of help [while writing, this seems to be a map that Kevin showed Ben at work regarding wireless service from berkeley to san francisco] and actually adds to the confusion because locally the highways don't look like they go in the directions they later do. We're debating whether I need to go with them or whether I can explain the directions (I think the directions are simple and I can explain them, with just one kink that they can figure out if they miss it... but they really want me along to navigate in case they get lost).

The door bell rings. Pauses. Rings. Pauses. Rings. Pauses. (4) -- Max meanders over to the door at the first ring, and is getting angrier and angrier with each subsequent ring -- it's late, we've been talking quietly, and the noise is REALLY obnoxious. [while writing, this seems to come from the movie _About a Boy_, which I say a few days ago] Max opens the door and Amy is standing there in halter top and daisy dukes, grinning and cocking her body sexily. She doesn't seem to notice how annoyed he is.


Amy is a purple/orange/blue/brown monkey, and we're at the zoo (the next day?). Now it's me, Kevin (or Donovan?), the monkey, and the scientist type older fellow. We had to get tickets/passes, but they're free. I'm carrying Amy in a yellow/tan hempropeish netsack sort of thing to keep her from running amok; in there's also our lunch for the day, cameras, and random assorted stuff such as that.

The cages are oddly square (cubelike), with ceilings as tall as the sides are long... which in many cases just means these barred cages are very small and JUST pack in what fits... a bunch of animals, very tightly.

We're wandering around and pass a gorilla cage, I'm lagging behing a bit, and Amy hops out of the bag and runs off. (I'm not sure if she runs off AFTER something, like an escaped gorilla, or if she just goes off...) Nobody else notices and I stand dumbfounded for a minute, then scamper off after her. It's a hot bright day out, but I'm not having any trouble running despite that and the bag. However, I lose her, and rejoin the group just past the gorilla cage, trying to act like nothing happened; now we're at a cage that looks like a cluster of the sort of monkeys that escaped me. Kevin notices but just gives me a quizzical look and I do my best to gesture that I'll deal with it and I need him to not draw attention to the situation. Shortly after, I say that I need to go to the bathroom, and he follows. Nobody else has noticed that Amy is missing.

As soon as I'm out of sight, I pull out my cellphone and switch it to a mode that looks like 'worms' [and it really looks like my cellphone, beat up in all the same places... though my cellphone doesn't do games...] ... and there I see some tracking blips... I follow them to a cave/maze [somehow reminiscent of the funhouse at the end of Hero's Quest 1/Quest For Glory 1: So You Want to be a Hero, now that I'm writing this]. It's a maze on two levels, and I'm afraid to jump down, because I wouldn't be able to get back up unless I could find the actual way up/down.

I notice the blips are closer, ahead, and I scamper forwards... dropping my cellphone, but it seems alright... and I continue on... to see a gorilla catch my purple/orange/blue/brown monkey, and go about trying to snap its neck (I hear some horrible sounds) and bite through the flesh of its neck... I'm amazed at how dexterous and strong it is with each of its hands, contemplate jumping down but I'm afraid for my own life. I want a rock or stick to throw at it, but I can't think of anything. I start jumping up and down and shouting at it and when it looks up, the monkey scampers off. I start trying to call park security and then run off after both of them (the gorilla shortly following the monkey).

By the time I'm out of the cave, having lost sight of them again, but sure they came out and ran off in a certain vague direction, I remember that I was trying to call park security. However, the phone doesn't seem to be getting through, and keeps displaying two numbers to call. At this point Kevin catches up with me, saying the rest of the folks have wandered off somewhere else and he wants to help.

A guide passes us and says we should come back more often, especially on sundays when the tickets are free... that way we can be sure they still are (free).

I keep picturing the gorilla trying to snap the monkey's neck and am nearly in tears when I wake up (nearly in tears).

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