quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

tets tests tests

I've been collecting them all on one page. Well, all == some subset of the ones I've taken; a large portion of them.

All together, they've got enough angles and perspectives that they're actually giving some sort of clue as to what I really am: a farseeker/healer, beatnic, donatello, storm, anti-hero, science geek, outsider, tony blair, badass, curious george, luathas the wild, kinetic andriod optimized for logical infiltration and nullification, tea, kermit the frog, true neutral elf bard mage, sexy blue dragon, phoenix, playful kitten, nightmare before christmas, sailor jupitor, stileproject, Damien, Santa Claus, Dmitri Shostakovich, Morrisey, March Hare, Space Invader, owl, A Basic course in Algebraic Topology, The Art Test, Fish with a Bicycle, Banana, Cuban Tree Frog, Francisco Scaramanga, Persistence of Memory, Charles Manson, Boromir, RABIES, Ironhide kind of guy ... who should make the new year's resolution to hang out with less with people who make me feel as though i am superior to them. It all makes sense now, no?

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