quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

neither here nor there

not sure if I'm going to get any work done today. :( motivation is sorely lacking and it's such a nice day out. "nice day out" more of "too hot to work/think" than I really want to go outside and do anything. :( although maybe I should try to find my drill bits. I bought some taps and I want to try them out. =) hrm. also find my drill. ... ... maybe go back to the hardware store.

I really want to build something for burning man. I also want to decorate my bike... and figure out how the hell to take its seat off so I can get to the owner's manual and give it the tune-up I should have given it the day after I bought it (some months ago at this point, the poor poor thing... though it's chugging along just fine, no problems... such a sweet bike)

What else? Work is going rather nicely, I have just enough of a clue of what we're working on to trudge forward with it... apparently we're going to have a real "project manager" in the office (occasionally) in a couple of months. That should be weird. I hope it doesn't piss me off. I like working the way I work, whatever that happens to be.

I haven't read anything interesting lately, and dreams haven't been memorable (or if they were then I just fell down on the job).

I keep staring at my slowly developing gut ooze over my jeans. I remember worrying about it a little three years ago. I definitely didn't worry about it enouh. I want it to go away! =( I really don't eat that unhealthily, but then, I really don't DO anything besides sit around all day, either. Went to the gym with Amy last night and we did stairstepper shenanigans for 30 minutes. I think I walked 2 someodd miles, burning roughly 120 watts, or something like that. whatever. what I really want to burn is about three inches (rough guestimate). I haven't weighed myself in some time, and I'm a little afraid to. I was unhappy at 145, and I bet I'm 10 over that now. :sigh: What a loser.

Okay, that cements it. I'm going to root around for drill/drill supplies, probably come up short, and jog (which really is more a combination of a gentle run with walking interspersed) back down to the hardware store... that's got to be about two miles. fuck, now I want to just ride my motorcycle down there so I can clock it (to the nearest tenthish of a mile) but that would just be sad. I'll clock it some other time. Or not worry. I don't have to know. I do have to exercise somehow.

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