quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

dream -- vampires?

Back in middleschool on a school trip, vampires appear, we deal with the vampires, go looking in a video store for some, have a strange interlude watching clips of buffy the vampire slayer on a tv in the video store in reverse chronological order through the series (watching her get younger), finish out the trip and head home. I wake up to my alarm.

I'm back in middleschool (though not my middleschool, but that doesn't occur to me until waking), wandering around (everyone's wandering around, nobody is in class... it doesn't appear that there are classes, and it slowly dawns on me that we're sort of on a vacation. And that this isn't really a middleschool, more a random building that we're occupying, though some of the rooms are decked out for AV use/auditoriums). Some hoodlums (ala _The Lost Boys_) are wandering around causing mischief, showing off their powers (to us kids) and taking/transforming those that aren't careful.

A friend (random female friend, I'll nickname sam) and I realise these folks are vampires and that they're basing out of the AV room. A tiny speck of light gets through the curtains of the AV room and sends one of the vampires hurtling into nullspace (fourth dimension ala _He built a crooked house_, 90 degrees from reality ala _Stranger in a strange land_; 90 degrees from reality == fourth dimension; if that doesn't make sense, I recommend _Flatland_, esp. annotated). We open the curtains wide and destroy a handful of vampires, with others escaping through apparent teleportation (through the shadows or simply through to another part of the building?).

We find ourselves in a video rental store, browsing around. The television is playing clips from _Buffy the Vampire Slayer_ (which I've seen possibly three times in real life), for about 3-7 seconds per, chronologically backwards. While watching this, I hear a vampire (in the store) discussing how they never really die because they're all extensions of the same ego, and how that manifests depends on which of them you get bitten by (and thus which template you follow; whether you're going to be a badboy or a prettyboy or a thinker or ...) [and reading this as I type it, erm, Vampire: the Masquerade anyone?]

One clip I remember especially (no, I don't think this happened on the actual show) is buffy and a female friend of hers at about age 12, discussing life, the universe, and everything. Her friend pulls up her shirt (exposing boyish nipples) and starts walking towards various people with her shirt like that. She forces one of them into the girl's room. Some of buffy's other friends clique up near buffy and give concerned/confused looks towards the bathroom door, where a faint shout of "I'm a lezbin!" is heard. Buffy shrugs and says, "I doubt she even knows what that means. Don't worry about her."

Then we're on a bus headed home, just me and Sam(antha) [and the busdriver and one female teacher], and Sam and I are cold and wanting to bundle up, leaving the california coast, with the field trip finally over.

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