quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

dream: UIL/lost in NYC?

quick summary: I'm going with some friends to take a math competition. we're running late and just manage to sign in in time; then we have to get somewhere else at which point I lose track of folks, and wind up getting more and more lost subsequently. I finally catch up with everyone in time to miss the competition and see that I would have aced the problems.

I'm not sure how this one began, really, so I'll pick it up in progress. I'm going with several folks to a UIL math competition. This dream variant of the competition is open to college-level folks and their guests only, which has me going with Shweta, Zack, Sharad, and Shweta's mom. We're late and shuffling rapidly through a structure much like Grand Central station.

We manage to hit a long corridor reminiscent of high school, where there are folding tables lined up (rather confusedly), and Shweta's in the front of the group trying to figure out which person to talk to about what. She passes up three people (selling various things, or SOMETHING like that) and decides finally to just talk to the next person, who quickly gestures her (us) across the hall and down a few tables; there, Shweta misshoots and I grab her back while pointing to our names on a sheet of paper (and saying that they have my name spelled wrong; Kaolin Cstockinger (which is just weird).

At that point, I go on a little mental trip of "well, how do I want them to spell it? Do I want to tell them I'm just Kaolin Fire? No, I have to do that all at once... It'll be easy enough to change later... Kaolin i. Fire? But I don't even know what it stands for and the previous argument stands..." I *think* I settle on telling them Kaolin Stockinger, but they wind up a wee bit confused and I'm rushing out before I'm certain they've got it. We need to get to train #9 all of the sudden.

We weave in and out of (pedestrian) traffic, rusing to get to the train (we're late we're late). When I get there I realize nobody else is still behind me. I verify that we're at train #9, but I'm not certain that's where we were headed. The train rapidly arrives, fills up, and departs, all without me seeing the group of folks I came with. (the train stops for literally three seconds, one and a half seconds of people getting off, one and a half seconds of people getting on and then it's full and pulling out with people stuck in the doors (they subsequently extricate themselves from the doors and wait for the next). It's 3:08 and I'm not sure of any time schedule or anything of the sort.

I'm getting anxious and start dashing up crisscrossing stairs when I see a field outside the large window. Then I'm on a bus, and I'm at the field and I hop off worriedly, confused as to where I am and what's happening. I notice that my cellphone has a message and it says it's from Mack (another friend of ours in a different timezone, who really likely wouldn't be calling me except for the fact that he has a knack of calling at the wrong time; and me stressing out and lost would be a good wrong time to call at). I check the message and it's Shweta saying they took the 3:16 train, and checking the time it's 3:16. Then she says to meet back at the first building.

I run around trying to find a bus stop (there's no marking where I was let off and I've wandered some since), but quickly give up and start running back to the building.

I'm back in the corridor and it's empty now, with the test posted on one of the walls. I'm bitching about how easy it looks, certain I could have answered each question perfectly in a number of seconds (and there's only seven questions, front and back of the sheet). Shweta's apparently taking the thing while Zack, Sharad, and Shweta's mom are waiting.

... I think there was another dream after this, partially connected, but in writing everything down I've lost it. I'm lucky I got this one -- when I woke up the only thing I remembered was that I'd wanted to have a dream the night before, that I'd wanted a lucid dream. When I couldn't remember a dream at all I was a bit disappointed, and then this came back to me in dribs and drabs. The bits about how I wound up on the bus and how I got back to the building I'm not sure of, but there are images that I tried to weave together...

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